Steve Emslie and I returned to the great southern continent again last season to continue the National Science Foundation funded work we began in 2000-2001. This time we were based out of the Italian base, Terra Nova, located north of the Drygalski Ice Tongue along the Scott Coast of the Ross Sea (Click for Map). We again flew to McMurdo aboard an LC-130 ski plane, and were then flown on to Terra Nova aboard a smaller Twin Otter turbo prop ski plane (all logistic arrangements were again provided by Raytheon Polar Services). From Terra Nova we flew helicopters to our field sites, conducting our work as day trips due to the frequency of katabatic winds in the region and the likelihood of being pinned down in a field camp during wind episodes. Our season lasted from late December through the month of January, and we returned to McMurdo in early February.

Below are links to the Update pages I created while we were in Antarctica during our field season. These pages contain links to digital images that illustrate our experiences while they were happening. All opinions expressed in the Updates are my responsibility, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Steve or other members of our group.

Update #1
Update #2
Update #3
Update #4
Update #5
Update #6
Update #7
Update #8
Update #9
Update #10
Scientific Summary


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