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A new (and final) field season

Once again Steve Emslie, Jurek Smykla, and I have returned to Antarctica to complete our investigations of Adélie penguin occupations along the western Ross Sea coast. This year is the last of our National Science Foundation funding, and our research will conclude with the field work we conduct over the next month. We are joined by another Chinese colleague of Steve’s, Tao Huang from the University of Science and Technology of China.

Our focus this season is to revisit some sites we investigated during our first field season (2000-2001), both to collect soil samples for Tao, and to apply a much more detailed working knowledge of the occupation history based on our more than decade-long effort along the Victoria Land Coast. We also hope to visit at least one new site (Cape Geology), and perhaps find some thus-far undiscovered sites.

In the frame to the left you will find links to Update pages I will create while we are down here, illustrating our experiences with text, digital images and video. All opinions expressed in the Updates are my responsibility, and do not reflect the opinions of Steve, our other team members, or the NSF.

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