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Update 1: Salt Lake City to McMurdo

Update 2: McMurdo logistics to the field

Update 3: Cape Royds

Update 4: Cape Bird

Update 5: Cape Chocolate

Update 6: Marble Point

Update 7: Beaufort Island

Update 8: Cape Crozier

Final Thoughts

Antarctic Field Season 2010

Steve Emslie, Jerzy Smykla, Xiaodong Liu, Eva Gruber (an undergraduate student of Steve's ) and I are heading south again to continue the National Science Foundation funded work we have been working on since 2000. The big push this year is to try to revisit Beaufort Island with the bird biologists, this time excavating stratified deposits at the big colony on the south end of the island.

We will again fly to McMurdo aboard an LC-130 ski plane, and visit our field sites with support from helicopters (all logistic arrangements are provided by the United States Antarctic Program). Our season is short this year, lasting only around 6 weeks.

In the adjacent frame you will find links to the Update pages I will create while we are in Antarctica during our field season. These pages contain digital images that illustrate our experiences while they are happening. All opinions expressed in the Updates are my responsibility, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Steve or other members of our group.

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Iceberg frozen into sea ice near Marble Point Leaving Antarctica in C-141 1000 yr. old mummified chick from Cape Barne site Penguins massed at ice edge ready to dive near Cape Crozier
Dunlop Island Field Site Cape Hickey Site 1 Shackleton's Hut at Cape Royds Close-up view of leopard seal teeth